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IC Inbox

[There's no convenient recording left for anyone trying to contact Zelos -- yet. Someone couldn't be bothered setting it up.]
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[About a day after this, having personally heard nothing from Zelos, Raine makes the effort to get in contact with him.]

['Are you all right' strikes her as a foolish question, given the context and the person in question. Raine leads with something different.]

Shall I tell you the details, of how we defeated Mithos?
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[It works, doesn't it? Zelos has figured out what she meant, after all, and there hasn't been any extraneous time taken up re-hashing what they don't need to.]

Let me see... he succeeded, temporarily, in resurrecting Martel through Colette, but she refused.

The denial by his sister, however, seemed to break Mithos further, and so that was where we fought.

...You were with us, by that point. Many of us had fallen into traps in Derris-Kharlan, along the way to try to reach Colette; you and Kratos together saved us all.

[Herself included. Raine knows Zelos won't be happy to hear of Kratos's inclusion; but it's important, after all, and perhaps it will be helpful to know that Kratos was there too. Concretely helping.]
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Colette seems to be fine, and it's been a little while since that fight.

And Martel... wound up somewhere else entirely. She left Colette's body of her own choice. She'd been awake all that time, she said-- unable to do anything but watch Mithos.

[Four thousand years. Raine can barely fathom Martel's existence.]

The fight was... difficult, but not impossible. In the end, all that was left was Mithos's Cruxis crystal.

...At least, at first.
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["That's, uh." Yes. That about sums it up.]

[...and then Raine has to shake her head.]

Genis wanted to keep it. It seemed dormant; we didn't realize Mithos would be able to move it.

[It was a crystal. That shouldn't have been possible, or so she thought.]

We made the pact with Origin, and then he possessed Genis, taking him to Derris-Kharlan. I believe I mentioned something of the sort earlier. So it was necessary for us all to pursue him, and there was one more battle to be fought.

...I wasn't with you, but in Derris-Kharlan that time, all of us faced certain images of our pasts, preying on our weaknesses. I'm told you surmounted yours.
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[Hey. Hey. Good thing that wasn't in your outside voice, Zelos.]

No, that's more or less how it happened. We fought Mithos once more; Lloyd shattered his Cruxis crystal, and then Lloyd reunited the worlds and germinated the Seed. With Colette's help.

[Raine hears that bitterness, Zelos. She gives him a flat look.]

If you try to say it could have been done without you, I can guarantee you won't like the results.
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[Raine flushes slightly. She's been working on that, she swears.]

I can be more inventive than that about punishments.

[But it is better, and she relaxes, offering him a tiny smile in return.]

Yes, that is better. And entirely accurate, as it happens.

[And Zelos should remember how much she doesn't overstate things that don't have to do with ruins.]
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[Seeing as he seems to be making a change in his demeanor, Raine lets the first bit slide.]

You acquit yourself admirably in the fighting too, naturally, if that makes any difference.

[It's a genuine compliment.]
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[Be touched. That's her professional recommendation.]

There aren't many people who are ahead of Genis in math. It's an accomplishment to be proud of.
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[--Raine presses her mouth into a flat line for a few moments.]

You missed him by about a year and a half.
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[Raine nods shortly.]

But he knew Solomon; and, after some initial tension, they seemed to... get along. Genis taught Solomon to cook.
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[Raine raises an eyebrow at him. That's an odd reaction. Getting along with Genis rapidly isn't at all a usual thing, after all.]

[That lasts about three seconds before she scowls.]

We weren't without recourse. We were living in the Midnight Hotel at the time; the proprietor often cooked himself, but regardless usually there were meals provided.