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Backtagging: A-OK. I do tend to get easily overwhelmed and I prefer a smaller tagging plate over finishing every single old thread, but I will not drop anything without first talking to the people involved.
Threadhopping: Yep, just ask first!
Fourthwalling: Liiiiittle wary of this for right now because Zelos is still a shiny new muse. In theory I'm okay with it -- just ask first.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): Nothing jumps to mind! If I have a problem with anything being discussed I'll usually say so, and I don't hold grudges for honest mistakes.


Zelos is bisexual, leaning straight because of the way he was raised and the responsibility he was given for carrying on his lineage. The first three items below will hold valid for women and men in the majority of circumstances -- Zelos will just be much, much more overt with the ladies.

Hugging this character: Hug away! There's a weird divide with Zelos where he has absolutely no problem with any form of physical intimacy, but if a hug starts carrying emotional intimacy he might get a little reticent. Guy's got self-worth issues.
Kissing this character: Kiss away! If he likes you, he'll kiss back.
Flirting with this character: What's that, you ask? The quickest way into Zelos's good graces? Flirt away! He'll flirt back.
Fighting with this character: I'm up for knockdown dragout fights, and Zelos is the kind of guy who would happily start a fight if it means defending something or someone he cares about. Fair warning: he's an angel. He's not unbeatable by any means, but it will take a bit of work.
Injuring this character: Anything short of killing Zelos I'm happy to play around with, just ask first so we can hash out details.
Killing this character: For now, would like to avoid pls. It's not because I don't want to play out interesting aftermath, it's more because Zelos has Issues, and healthy character development for now hinges on him not getting what he wants.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Please do! Zelos might not take it too well, but there's no reason he can't be read. Ask me if you need details. :3


Serial Flirtation / One-Way Telepathy:

1) In Zelos's canon, there is a game mechanic that lets him hit on every woman you meet across two different worlds. This is a big part of his personality, and he can come on a little strong. He does have limits: in the game, for example, when talking to young girls, he calls them by age-appropriate pet names only. He's not a creep. Similarly, a lot of his pickup lines are actually genuinely sweet -- he calls many women beauties, regardless of how 'conventionally' attractive they are, and he'll flirt with elderly women as well. Many of the ladies he talks to walk away feeling better about themselves, even if they rejected him. There's also canon evidence that Zelos won't consider hitting on women who can't defend themselves (Colette when she goes lifeless -- he actually gets angry at Sheena for suggesting that he might), and/or backing off the moment it's obvious he's not welcome (Sheena excluded).

Basically, if your character would make it obvious they don't appreciate it, Zelos will stop. If your character's underage or, for whatever reason, is incapable of deciding they don't appreciate it, Zelos won't even start. If you'd rather not deal with this at all, it's relatively easy for me to swing that ICly, so just drop me a note here and we're good.

2) Also, one of Zelos's angel skills includes telepathically talking in other peoples' heads. ICly, he will not use this very often, if at all; it's still very new and it still kind of freaks him out. If and when he does use it, though, it's one-way only; he can talk in your character's head, but he won't hear anything your character is thinking. Don't want it to be a thing at all? No worries! Drop me a note here and we're good. :3