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Inbox at [community profile] tushanshu

IC Inbox

[There's no convenient recording left for anyone trying to contact Zelos -- yet. Someone couldn't be bothered setting it up.]
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[About a day after this, having personally heard nothing from Zelos, Raine makes the effort to get in contact with him.]

['Are you all right' strikes her as a foolish question, given the context and the person in question. Raine leads with something different.]

Shall I tell you the details, of how we defeated Mithos?
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[Rosyn is smiling not-quite-slyly.]

Hello, dear. I believe I left our last conversation unfinished - shall we remedy that?
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Good afternoon, Mr. Wilder - forgive the formalities, it's hard to tell how each of the Foreigners prefers to be addressed without getting to know you better.

[The kedan looks a little weather-beaten, and he's smiling almost self-deprecatingly.]

My name is Cheym; I work with other kedan outside the city on agriculture, among other things. Since you haven't been here long, welcome to Keeliai.