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Inbox at [community profile] tushanshu

IC Inbox

[There's no convenient recording left for anyone trying to contact Zelos -- yet. Someone couldn't be bothered setting it up.]
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Good afternoon, Mr. Wilder - forgive the formalities, it's hard to tell how each of the Foreigners prefers to be addressed without getting to know you better.

[The kedan looks a little weather-beaten, and he's smiling almost self-deprecatingly.]

My name is Cheym; I work with other kedan outside the city on agriculture, among other things. Since you haven't been here long, welcome to Keeliai.
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Zelos, [the kedan says with a nod.]

I'm speaking to a number of Foreigners, but not the entire roster. Some, like yourself, do indeed merit special attention for one reason or another.
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[Is he-- is he flirting?

Well. That's interesting.]

Oh, I've no concerns about your discretion, Zelos. Let them talk. [Just because he can, Cheym winks.] You're new here, which means the kedan don't know you as well. Those of us that work outside the city get less information on the Foreigners in general, but it's worth getting to know you a bit better.
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The ebb and flow of politics in Keeliai is always changing. It's worth making as many friends and allies as one can, in case things shift in an unpleasant direction.

[Cheym shrugs mildly.]

Foreigners are special, in point of fact. And while not all the kedan appreciate your presence here, ignoring or demeaning Foreigners is far less productive than attempting to work with them.