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Inbox at [community profile] tushanshu

IC Inbox

[There's no convenient recording left for anyone trying to contact Zelos -- yet. Someone couldn't be bothered setting it up.]
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[Raine flushes slightly. She's been working on that, she swears.]

I can be more inventive than that about punishments.

[But it is better, and she relaxes, offering him a tiny smile in return.]

Yes, that is better. And entirely accurate, as it happens.

[And Zelos should remember how much she doesn't overstate things that don't have to do with ruins.]
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[Seeing as he seems to be making a change in his demeanor, Raine lets the first bit slide.]

You acquit yourself admirably in the fighting too, naturally, if that makes any difference.

[It's a genuine compliment.]
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[Be touched. That's her professional recommendation.]

There aren't many people who are ahead of Genis in math. It's an accomplishment to be proud of.
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[--Raine presses her mouth into a flat line for a few moments.]

You missed him by about a year and a half.
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[Raine nods shortly.]

But he knew Solomon; and, after some initial tension, they seemed to... get along. Genis taught Solomon to cook.
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[Raine raises an eyebrow at him. That's an odd reaction. Getting along with Genis rapidly isn't at all a usual thing, after all.]

[That lasts about three seconds before she scowls.]

We weren't without recourse. We were living in the Midnight Hotel at the time; the proprietor often cooked himself, but regardless usually there were meals provided.