choiced: (MORE HAIR also annoyance)
Zelos Wilder ([personal profile] choiced) wrote 2017-02-24 10:12 pm (UTC)

[Damn it, Genis. Way to put everyone in danger, you little brat.

... And, again, Zelos can't be too harsh. He was there, even if he doesn't remember it.]

Oh. Good. [Images of his past? What could that have been? He can make a few guesses, and none of them are encouraging, so Zelos goes back to the 'surmounted' part.] So we won that last fight. And I guess after that, Lloyd united the worlds. Everyone lived happily ever after. Am I missing anything?

[He sounds a little bitter. He feels a little bitter. It's as surprising to him as it probably is to Raine.]

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